Kunal Puri

Janitorial Services

The Houston metropolitan region is continuously growing, and many local businesses require trustworthy cleaning services to create a good impression on their employees, business partners, and clients. Kunal Puri is well-known in the medical cleaning and environmental services industries. He is the owner of one of the region's most well-known janitorial service businesses, providing quality cleaning services to a diverse range of enterprises across various industries. Ultra Medical Cleaning & Environmental Services has established itself as one of the industry's gold standards by prioritizing the customer's needs and ensuring that all of the client's requirements are met.

Kunal moved from India to Texas in search of a better life for himself and his family. He was continually focused on servicing his clients, despite knowing he needed to find a better way to support his family. He thought he had a unique combination of skills that may benefit others in the local Texas area, so he founded Ultra Medical Cleaning & Environmental Services. When he studied the business, he believed there had to be a better way to provide cleaning services. He altered the game, surrounded himself with the right people, and created his company on the principles of honesty and transparency.

He's also hired industry veterans to lead Ultra Medical, which provides services to hospitals, surgical centers, and mobile offices. His new recruits were free to move the company forward, allowing them to exhibit their strengths. Hiring Marcelo Sautu and Victor Gonzalez was the best decision he ever made since they could put together a team that helped the business grow to where it is now. His devotion enabled him to grow Ultra Medical Cleaning & Environmental Services to a $25 million revenue corporation.

Along the way, he gave birth to a new child, the center of his existence. He serves his clients in the same manner, he serves his family, helping him to provide a better life for his family while also delivering Ultra Medical Cleaning & Environmental Services to his clients.  So many companies from various industries have selected Kunal for Ultra Medical Cleaning & Environmental Services for several reasons. These are their names:  Puri is a big believer in transparency. He remembers how life was in India and didn't want any of his clients to be surprised by unforeseen charges. That is why, at Ultra Medical Cleaning & Environmental Services, he is always transparent, honest, and upfront about service rates.

Sustainability: He has firsthand knowledge of the consequences of pollution on individuals, families, and small businesses. That is why he emphasizes sustainability in his Ultra Medical Cleaning & Environmental Services approach. He goes to great lengths to ensure that the environment is appropriately protected.

Customizability: The services provided by Ultra Medical Cleaning & Environmental Services have expanded considerably throughout the years. Cleaning services differ by sector, and clients may customize their cleaning services with Ultra Medical Cleaning & Environmental Services, ensuring that they only sign up for the services they require.

Ultra Medical Cleaning & Environmental Services has earned a reputation in the market as one of the top janitorial service companies in the area. Kunal aspires to assist others in the community in providing for their families in the same way he has strived to care for his own. By creating multiple jobs at Ultra Medical Cleaning & Environmental Services, he provides employees with a stable income while teaching them the skills required to help customers and clients in all areas.

Puri is grateful for the opportunities that have come his way in Texas. That is why he takes advantage of any opportunity to give back to the community that has so generously given to him. He is a regular volunteer for children's charities, for example. He realizes that many children in the area require assistance, which is why he often attends charity events and contributes significantly to organizations that seek to satisfy the needs of children.

He likes golfing when he is not working at Ultra Medical Cleaning & Environmental Services. He likes watching golf on TV, particularly the major championships, and he also enjoys playing golf. Texas has good weather and a variety of golf courses to select from. He enjoys playing golf with his employees and friends and often engages in charitable golf initiatives. He will almost certainly be on the course if a portion of the proceeds from the golf tournament is donated to children's charities.  

Kunal has worked hard over the last several years to establish Ultra Medial Cleaning & Environmental Services as one of the region's most recognized janitorial service companies. Along the way, he hasn't forgotten where he came from. He continues to visit temples and churches regularly as a way of thanking the community for embracing and supporting him and his family. As a result, Ultra Medical Cleaning & Environmental Services have become local landmarks.